HackNotice Business Services

HackNotice clients enjoy high quality, easy to use threat intelligence. Whether you are looking to protect your business from outside attacks or prevent account takeovers for your end users, HackNotice has a service for you.

With instant access to tens of thousands of hacks and tens of billions of credential and identity leaks, you are able to easily enhance your threat intelligence program with HackNotice. With a robust infrastructure built by industry veterans, HackNotice provides services that you can rely upon.

Domain Monitoring

Continuously monitor your company employee accounts and assets for hacks, credential leaks, and personnel vulnerable to phishing attacks. With the ability to see full historical reports of the hacks and leaks that have impacted your business, HackNotice provides you with the intelligence you need to stop attack vectors based on broken trust and stolen credentials.

Stay up to date with what hackers know about your business, employees, and assets, with transparent daily alerts to specific threats.

End User Protection

Prevent account takeovers and customer churn within your end user population. No matter what service you provide, your end users are targeted for account takeovers and fraud, which ultimately hurts your business.

Our service helps you focus your efforts on the accounts that have the most exposure, so you can immediately reduce customer incidents with precise actions, rather than across the board security restrictions.