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With a continuous security awareness platform, all employees protect the company and build good habits


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Stay up to date with what websites have been hacked and how your data has been exposed.

Deep Exploration

Security experts search billions of emails, passwords, and other parts of digital identities to find risk.

Continuous Monitoring For Risk

Your websites and assets are continuously monitored for new risks.

Easy Recovery

We guide our clients through steps they can take to recover from a hack and improve their security.

About HackNotice

HackNotice is the easiest way to find out when hackers steal your data or leak your identity. Find hacks that you have been a part of and see what hackers know about you or your business. Sign up today and get instant access to our collections of tens of thousands of hacks and tens of billions of credential and identity leaks.

Stop Account Takeovers

Hackers gain access to millions of user accounts each year, stealing data and disrupting lives. These accounts ultimately are used to commit data breaches, financial fraud, and identity theft to fuel a multi-billion dollar industry that shows no sign of slowing down.

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