Leaked Data

Cyber crime has been on the rise for decades and from that a digital economy for criminals has evolved. Hackers are selling and sharing user data on the dark web every day. A space shrouded in illegal activity, fluency and expertise are essential for operating. HackNotice researchers gain entry into hacker forums, make relationships with hackers, and access a large collection of coveted data. Once a HackNotice researcher has access to data, we analyze to find where the data came from and use proprietary machine-learning tagging to mark any stolen data.


Our HackNotice security researchers work alongside automated collection to gather data from leaks, combo lists, infected PC’s, hacker clouds, darknet sites, files in transit, private servers, ATO services, and more. HackNotice’s proprietary technology and collection process ensure that no data slips through the cracks so every user is notified of risk to their digital identity. As the data moves from the Collection to the Indexing phase, irrelevant data is filtered to ensure usable data flows through.


HackNotice begins indexing the data to provide users a powerful way to check past breaches and leaks if their information was included. Think of it as a search engine that organizes the vast amount of data being shared and sold on the dark web. Any repeated data is tossed to keep the indexed records clean and reliable.


After the data is collected and indexed for maximum organization, everything is enriched to provide HackNotice users context on what kind of data has been stolen from them and the risks they pose. Not all data is the same and each can bring a different level of risk for users – and we’re here to provide insight on all of them. Anyone can look through the proprietary HackNotice index and see what threats they should expect if they find their data has been leaked.

Monitor and Alert

HackNotice’s robust index and search tools provide users the ability to monitor hacks of the past that could pose risk for account takeover, identity theft, phishing, credential stuffing, third-party exploitation, and more. Knowing current levels of risk helps prevent attacks, but once in the system a HackNotice user also has actionable threat intelligence at their fingertips. Signing up for HackNotice gives users the step ahead of hackers with real-time alerts if their information is part of a new cyber attack.

How it works

HackNotice Data Leak Lifecycle