HackNotice brings onboard experienced directors as the company expands

AUSTIN, Texas, August 2nd 2021—HackNotice, provider of the world’s first security awareness as a platform, today announced that it has strengthened its leadership team with the addition of Paul Barringer as Senior Director of Partnerships and Alliances and Keegan Allen as Director of Customer Success.

Barringer plans to leverage his extensive partnership and alliances experience to accelerate growth and create new strategic partnerships. Allen brings his experience in running some of the world’s top success programs to HackNotice to build the company’s internal capabilities.

“Human vulnerabilities have only increased as employees work from home,” Barringer said.  “Security awareness and reinforcing good security habits with all employees has never been more critical.  HackNotice is uniquely positioned to build strong security habits and increased awareness with the world’s first threat intelligence platform built for every employee.  Every comprehensive security awareness program needs a platform like HackNotice.”

Barringer has more than 25 years of experience in security, third-party risk, and business development.  Prior to joining HackNotice, he served as the Senior Director of Strategic Alliances for SecurityScorecard, joining as one of the first employees.  To help build HackNotice’s customer success department, Allen has more than a decade of experience, managing and building customer success teams at Apple and other top companies.

“We are in the middle of a data breach epidemic, with hackers exploiting employees like never before,” said Steve Thomas, CEO, and founder of HackNotice. “Most employees don’t learn security habits by being lectured or tricked with phishing.  We have to build security awareness using the one method that always works: through highly personalized practice.”

About HackNotice

Currently, tens of thousands of employees are building security habits inside the HackNotice platform. HackNotice is a threat-intelligence provider helping consumers and businesses protect against cyber-risks and respond to hacks through real-time alerts, around-the-clock monitoring, and actionable recovery recommendations. Indexing up to a quarter of a billion records each day, HackNotice helps users protect their digital identities.