Every industry is fair game for hackers. One mistake with any account information like reusing or sharing passwords and your organization can be shaken down for millions. So remember to practice good cybersecurity: do not reuse passwords, always confirm whom you are sharing sensitive information with, and be careful when clicking on suspicious links.

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Feds say man broke into public water system and shut down safety processes

In late March 2019, Wednesday’s indictment said, Post Rock experienced a remote intrusion to its computer system that resulted in the shutdown of the facility’s processes for ensuring water is safe to drink.

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Massive security breach at US universities.

A massive data breach has hit US Universities including Stanford University, University of California, University of Miami, University of Colorado Boulder, Yeshiva University, Syracuse University, and University of Maryland. Hackers have stolen terabytes of student, prospective student, and employee personal information including transcripts, financial info, mailing addresses, phone numbers, usernames, passwords and Social Security Numbers. 


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A leaker said Saturday they are providing personal information on 533 million Facebook users, including phone numbers, locations, birthdates and other data.

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Hackers in China are tapping into unsuspecting victims’ home security cameras, recording them having sex, and selling the videos online.


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A North Korean government-backed campaign targeting cybersecurity researchers with malware has re-emerged with new tactics in their arsenal as part of a fresh social engineering attack.


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