Every industry is fair game for hackers. One mistake with any account information like reusing or sharing passwords and your organization can be shaken down for millions. So remember to practice good cybersecurity: do not reuse passwords, always confirm whom you are sharing sensitive information with, and be careful when clicking on suspicious links.

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The White House has warned that hackers may have compromised a “large number of victims” in the US by exploiting recently disclosed vulnerabilities in Microsoft software. 




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Both China and Russia were reportedly behind two cyberattacks last year at the European Medicines Agency that compromised documents related to covid-19 vaccines and treatments.

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In the latest in a string of “hits” on Russian dark web forums, the prominent crime site Maza appears to have been hacked by someone earlier this week.

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American Airlines’ AAdvantage loyalty program information has been compromised in a data breach that is impacting numerous carriers around the world.



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