HackNotice, provider of the world’s first company-wide threat intelligence platform, announced the release of its first SMB (small to medium sized business) Package, making the same security intelligence provided to the world’s largest organizations accessible to companies of any size. Organizations with as few as five people can now empower employees with online security awareness. For $10 per employee, SMBs can pinpoint company-wide risk, determine the common threats, collaborate on shutting down attack vectors, and reward employees for being secure.

Too often, SMB’s think they’re too small to be hacked. However, small businesses represent 43% of all cyberattacks and only 14% are prepared for such attempts, according to Accenture. Further, many small businesses don’t have adequate device protection and backup systems in place, so the consequences of an attack such as ransomware have the potential to be more damaging than against a larger business. Finally, with the average cost of a cyberattack being $200,000.00, one successful attack could mean the financial ruin of most small businesses.

“The HackNotice team is excited to extend our business services to the SMB community,” said Steve Thomas, HackNotice CEO and Co-Founder. “Our engineers have worked hard to enable our advanced security intelligence and awareness platform for businesses of all sizes, where anyone can sign up, set up their service, invite their employees, and start getting the benefits of company-wide security.”

SMBs rarely have the ability to have a full security department, which means that a lot of security intelligence and actions are neglected.  With HackNotice Teams for SMB, companies can now:

  • Prevent Third-Party Risk by having individual employees monitor their vendors
  • Prevent Account-Takeover Risk by alerting each employee to their leaked corporate and personal credentials
  • Prevent Phishing Attacks by alerting employees to personally identifiable information that hackers have stolen
  • Increase overall employee security awareness by exposing employees to common threats and best practice security habits
  • Analyze risk per person and per department by using Risk Explorer, a set of analysis and visualization tools which enable companies to find non-intuitive links between threats


Learn more about the HackNotice Teams Package here: https://hacknotice.com/smb/

Full Press Release here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hacknotice-bundles-security-tech-with-small-businesses-in-mind-301229388.html?tc=eml_cleartime