Every industry is fair game for hackers. One mistake with any account information like reusing or sharing passwords and your organization can be shaken down for millions. So remember to practice good cybersecurity: do not reuse passwords, always confirm whom you are sharing sensitive information with, and be careful when clicking on suspicious links.

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EscortReviews.com is an adult online vBulletin forum community that allows US and Mexico-based escorts to promote their services, share profile pictures, contact information, and biographies to prospective clients.

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According to a German prosecutor cited by Reuters Friday, the convicted criminal is refusing to share the password that would allow the authorities to access the bitcoin.


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Patients of two US hospital chains had their names, birthdays, and colonoscopy results posted on the dark web after a hack, reported NBC News. The tens of thousands of files released were from patients at Leon Medical Centers in Miami and Nocona General Hospital in Texas.

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A hacker gained access to Oldsmar’s water treatment plant, bumping the sodium hydroxide in the water to a “dangerous” level, according to Pinellas County’s sheriff.

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The SitePoint web professional community has disclosed a data breach after their user database was sold and eventually leaked for free on a hacker forum.


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