As institutions try to help during the pandemic, hackers are hitting every industry. Make sure your data does not fall into the wrong hands. Do not reuse passwords, always confirm whom you are sharing sensitive information with, and track where your digital identity may be exposed on HackNotice Personal for free HERE. Sign up for our HackNotice Separately Together Giveaway to win HackNotice Premium for 1 year!

Stimulus money is being targeted by hackers.

Coronavirus stimulus scams are here. How to identify these new online and text attacks

“As with any public crisis, the spread of the coronavirus has created a new crop of hackers — targeting people who are awaiting their stimulus check, who are working from home and who are just trying to stay healthy. Add in April Fools’ Day and you need to be on guard against all kind of scams and misinformation found online, in your email inbox and even in your text messages.”


Morrisons not liable for massive staff data leak, court rules

“The UK’s highest court has ruled that Morrisons should not be held liable for the criminal act of an employee with a grudge who leaked the payroll data of about 100,000 members of staff.”


Healthcare institutions are being hit with ransomware.

Cybercriminals targeting critical healthcare institutions with ransomware

“INTERPOL has issued a warning to organizations at the forefront of the global response to the COVID-19 outbreak that have also become targets of ransomware attacks, which are designed to lock them out of their critical systems in an attempt to extort payments.”


San Francisco Airport Cyber Attack Confirmed: Windows Passwords Stolen

“San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is, during normal times, the seventh busiest airport in the United States. It has also now confirmed that hackers managed to compromise two of its websites during a cyber-attack, and likely steal users’ Windows login credentials. In a notice of data breach statement, SFO has warned potentially impacted users to change their Windows passwords accordingly.”

That’s this week’s roundup, showing that every industry benefits when good cybersecurity habits are followed. Thanks for reading, stay safe and we’ll see you next week!

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