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The RealCo Team is excited to welcome HackNotice to our program! HackNotice is a threat intelligence company specializing in data breaches as well as leaked credentials and identities.


Meet The Founder

Steve first got into security as kid by tinkering around on network and seeing what limits (or lack there of ) existed. In college, Steve spent time researching ways to automatically fight SQL injection attacks. After graduation, Steve landed a job at IBM which moved him down to his current home, Austin, TX. In 2011, Steve built his first threat intelligence startup PwnedList. He grew PwnedList from a hobby site to a team of four, eventually leading to an acquisition from an identity theft company. He then joined with SecurityScorecard, a PwnedList partner, to help them build their sales team. At SecurityScorecard he met his current Co-Founder, Mike. As well as one of his security researchers, Miguel. When Steve is not working on threat intelligence you can find him hiking, brewing beer, or working on one of his many automation projects.

The Problem being Solved

Each year is the worst year for data breaches, yet cyber security spend has never been higher. Hackers routinely breach into companies by stealing passwords, misusing identities, and gaining access through third parties. HackNotice helps our clients identify the credentials and identities that are most likely to be abused, as well as keep track of data breaches happening at other companies, which could weaken their security posture. Beyond finding threats, HackNotice has focused on the human side of security, making threat intelligence understandable and actionable for any employee, not just the experts.

Why RealCo?

“RealCo fills in gaps that we have in our network. Whether it’s fund raising, finding business partners, recruiting, or just staying up to date with what important events are happening, RealCo helps us do it better.”

  • Steve Thomas, Founder of HackNotice

Moving Forward!

Steve is a very talented individual, who brings a plethora of industry expertise and startup experience to the table. RealCo is looking forward to assisting Steve and HackNotice on their mission to provide better intel to the Threat Intelligence industry!