The evolution of Threat Intelligence

Beyond Credential Monitoring

A decade ago, this workflow provided informational value that allowed organizations to defend against cyberattacks. But cybercriminals have evolved, so your cybersecurity must evolve too.

Credential monitoring is only part of the holistic cybersecurity needed to fight today’s cyber attacks.

Today’s cyber threats require modern threat intelligence that builds defenses against evolving cybercriminals.


The 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report estimates that the average cost of a loss of PII or other data is $8.64 million in the United States

Security Awareness

64% of corporations say security awareness training helps their businesses identify and stop hacks immediately upon deployment

Advanced Fraud Detection

Over 50% of organizations are utilizing between 4 and 10 different anti-fraud tools in their fraud prevention operations

Third-Party Risk

Since 2018, 82% of organizations have experienced one or more data breaches caused by a third party, costing an average of $7.5million to remediate

Spear Phishing

74% of US organizations were victims of successful phishing attacks in 2020

Deep Population Insights: see where human risk resides
Department Security Habits: identify departments who value security/needs improvement
User Security Habits: identify most secure employees

Credential monitoring might have been enough a decade ago, but it’s limited in scope compared to modern threat intelligence solutions available now.

“HackNotice Teams gives clients the opportunity to be proactive by providing feedback about strengths and weaknesses within their cybersecurity programs, including which areas require more attention and the types of changes to work culture that can enable a more secure environment.”

— Romaine Marshall, Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Business Litigation Lawyer