Should your cybersecurity budget go towards infrastructure or people?


You’ve implemented your cybersecurity measures to protect your company and employees from hackers. Now it’s time to see how it all performs. Companies see their spending go up every year because they’re not focusing on the root of the cybersecurity problem: people. Hackers are targeting your employees to gain entry to your business. By fingerprinting your overall culture of security, HackNotice gives you a clear view of where they might attack next.

Security is a people problem

Every company is only as secure as their riskiest employee. Investing in cybersecurity measures and technology is great, but training employees how to use all of it effectively is key to not wasting the investment.

Technology built specifically to secure data.

Hackers can choose to face off against advanced security technology or Tom from your marketing team. 9 times out of 10, they’re going to choose the easier way to break into your company: your employees.

Tom has locked his keys in his car. More than once.

Win the Cyberwar

The majority of cyber attacks are the result of one simple human error. Build a culture of security with HackNotice and you can level the playing field against hackers.