This week the HackNotice team is on the road to New York City.  With our team spread out between three cities and two continents, it’s a rare occasion to have the whole team together in one place, so we are making the most of it!

TeamSteve and Mike are meeting with northeast based partners, clients, and investors, while Miguel is enjoying the charms of the city.  We are also excited to be able to spend time with old colleagues and friends.

To prepare for the trip, we’ve been quietly working in the background to get our first marketing materials out the door: HackNotice stickers!

We think they turned out great, take a look:



If you are in the NYC area, let us know if you would like to hear more about HackNotice.  Also, we will be at BlackHat 2019 in Las Vegas August 5th through 7th.  If you want to meet up at BlackHat, let us know!


PS. Head over to Sticker Mule to order your own logo stickers