This week there have been reports on a data leak collection called Collection #1.  We wanted to address this leak collection and make sure our users know that they are protected with regards to this collection.

What is Collection #1?

Collection #1 is a collection of data leak files and combination lists (combo lists) that were in a Mega drive, around 87GB of files in total.  We first saw Collection #1 near the end of November 2018 when a person, who is well known in the hacker community, was advertising paid access to data leak files.  This person, to give samples of the files available, provided Mega links to several example files.  However, they accidentally created the links to give access to the entire Collection #1, instead of just the sample files as planned.

This mistake did not go unnoticed and our reconnaissance team quickly (and quietly) indexed all 87GB of files and alerted our clients to credentials and other identity risks within the collection.

What is inside of Collection #1?

There were quite a few new combination lists inside of Collection #1, however, large sections of Collection #1 had been shared previously.  The majority of the new records were credentials, with email addresses and plaintext passwords.

Was my password/identity in Collection #1?

All HackNotice users have already been alerted to credential and identity leaks from Collection #1 as of early December.  If you don’t have a HackNotice account, you can sign up for a free personal account here.

Why are people talking about Collection #1 now?

Mid December a few people started reposting Collection #1.  Security reporters like Catalin Cimpanu start posting about the collection.  A month later, we see that Collection #1 is a hot topic.

Should I be worried about Collection #1?

Any big data leak collection is a risk for our clients, but Collection #1 is relatively small, especially compared to the overall size of Collections #2-5 and the two other associated leak collection, which total >1TB of data.

Wait, there are other collections???

Yes, there are and we are actively processing the rest of the collections.  From our analysis to date, close to 90% of all of this data was already in the HackNotice database, so we expect about 100GB of new data, as the duplicate data is prevented from going into our system.

What can I do to protect myself?

HackNotice Personal is a free service that can help protect you from data breaches and leaks.  HackNotice Business services are built to protect your business and end users from these types of threats. Contact us today to see how we can help your business!