Businesses constantly have to worry about whether their employees and third parties are being used against them.  HackNotice Business Services help companies fight back with real-time intelligence.

HackNotice Business Services

All businesses are worried about being the next victim of a data breach.  With hackers tirelessly targeting employees and third parties as a way to gain access, it’s no wonder that new breaches are announced every day.

Employees rely on an untold multitude of third party websites, and with the patchwork of data breach disclosure rules that exist, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of businesses don’t know which of their third parties have been broken into.  As more and more demands are put upon security teams these days, businesses are hard-pressed to secure critical assets, let alone keep track of which employee passwords have been stolen from outside sites.

The HackNotice team wants to change the situation for businesses and lend a helping hand to security teams with a set of business services that we are releasing today: Domain Monitoring and End User Protection.  Both services tap into the HackNotice hack and leak databases, with over 20,000 hacks and tens of billions of leaked records indexed in 2018.

Domain Monitoring

Our domain monitoring service makes it easy for businesses to protect all of their employees and corporate assets from leaked credentials and identities.  You can get instant access to all of the leaked data found for your domain, along with ongoing monitoring to make sure that you stay in the know about what hackers know about you.

With a full historical report delivered as part of the service, businesses get instant access to up to hundreds of thousands of leaked credentials and identities that are in the hands of hackers, enabling them to lock down vulnerable accounts and stop account takeover before it begins.  Full and transparent details around each leak provide rich intelligence that enhances your current security systems.

Screenshots and Demo

Business dashboard

Domain timelines of alerts

Timeline of a domain

Alert details


End User Protection

Our end user protection service has all of the features of the domain monitoring service but is focused on businesses that are responsible for protecting accounts that aren’t employee accounts.  No matter whether you are a retailer, health care or financial services provider, your users rely on you to keep their accounts secure.  With our end user protection service, you can pinpoint which users are the most vulnerable and prevent account takeovers and churn before it happens.

With historical details about your users, along with ongoing monitoring, you can make an impact on your user base with strategic actions, rather than across the board security restrictions.  This easy to implement service allows you to provide added value and confidence to your end users.

With Hack Monitoring

Both services are paired with our hack monitoring and alerting service, so you can easily know which third parties have been compromised and take protective actions.  When you secure yourself after a third party breach, you will have much less to worry about months or years later when you see the data from that breach being leaked.

About the announcement, HackNotice’s founder, Steve Thomas, said “Our threat intelligence services have been warmly received by the market and the feedback from our users has been clear: make it easier for businesses to use this intelligence. HackNotice has a mission to stop account takeovers and fraud and these new business services enable companies to partner with us and use our databases at scale. Businesses can now effortlessly know which websites have been hacked and what credentials have been leaked so they can take action before any more damage is done.”

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