Announcing HackNotice Chrome Extension

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HackNotice Chrome Extension

HackNotice Chrome Extension

Do you use Google Chrome?  Do you wish you could effortlessly know when you are browsing a hacked website?  Well, do we have news for you!

The HackNotice Chrome Extension is now live and you can install it here:
Chrome Web Store

We’ve been hard at work with a few beta testers (thanks testers!) on this extension.


As you browse, the extension:

  • Alerts you in real time when you visit a site if the site has been hacked recently

HackNotice Chrome Extension Notification

  • Adds sites to your Hack Watchlist in HackNotice, filling up your watchlist for you
  • Alerts you in real time when you visit a site if the site has ever been hacked and when (Turned off by default)

All of the above are optional, so if you don’t want alerts, or you don’t want to fill up your watchlist, you can turn those options off in your Preferences.

HackNotice Extension Preferences

We think the HackNotice Chrome Extension is a new and exciting way to use seamlessly HackNotice throughout your day.  No more manually searching for sites or adding sites to your watchlist!

Like it, love it, gotta have it?  Comment below to let us know.


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