HackNotice Teams

Build a companywide culture of security heroes. Turn your whole company into the security team.

  • Prevent hackers from taking over your organization

  • Democratize cybersecurity across your entire business
  • Empower every employee with actionable threat intelligence
  • Provide resources for all employees to protect their personal identity online
  • Motivate departments to protect company Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, and more
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The first threat intelligence service to solve the people problem – the root cause of most security incidents. By building a culture of awareness and action, you create a culture of heroes, employees that put in extra effort to protect the company.

When all employees take action after third-party breaches and leaks, the security team can focus on building security habits, rather than chasing down employees. With leaderboards and population / department segmentation, you can focus on security training and awareness efforts into the people and departments that need it the most.

Deep population insights

  • Segment and sort employees to find the ones who are at the top of their security game and the ones that are slacking off and not engaged.
  • Through security habit fingerprinting and population segmentation, you can easily see where the organizational human risk resides.

Department Security Habits

  • Each department has its own security culture and habits, based on what they value.
  • Identify the departments who value security and the departments who need a change in culture.

User Security Analytics

  • Use detailed analytics to see which employees are the most secure.
  • Identify which employees are most at risk for cyber attacks before they occur.
Teams User Dashboard

“HackNotice Teams gives clients the opportunity to be proactive by providing feedback about strengths and weaknesses within their cybersecurity programs, including which areas require more attention and the types of changes to work culture that can enable a more secure environment.”
— Romaine Marshall, Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Business Litigation Lawyer

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Security Analysts

  • Analysts monitor staff and systems to make sure that security policies and procedures are being followed correctly. HackNotice Teams maximizes use of time and focus by directly pinpointing which employees / departments need more security training.

  • Analysts defend against ongoing cyber threats targeting their organizations. HackNotice Teams instantly identifies which employees are involved in an incident and what they’ve already done to resolve the situation, reducing the amount of time analysts have to chase people around.

  • Analysts have to act fast when high severity incidents occur in their workplace. HackNotice Teams fingerprints employee habits to predict the causes of future high severity incidents, enabling analysts to prevent incidents before they occur.

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  • Find out which 3rd parties and vendors have leaked data about you
  • Discover everything that hackers know about your business and employees
  • Learn about new breaches and leak risks in real time
  • Shut down avenues of attack before they are used
  • Use our API to easily integrate our intelligence into your system in minutes
  • Find any risk element in the hands of hackers: names, addresses, IP addresses, API keys, if it represents risk, we can find it!

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