HackNotice Teams Builds Security Awareness

Build a Culture of Security Within Your Organization


80% of hacking-related breaches are still tied to passwords and poor employee security habits, but the majority of cybersecurity spend is on infrastructure.


Does this sound like your organization?

Security Training and Phishing Training Alone Don’t Work

Reports show that security training and phishing training alone do not help employees retain the awareness they need to fight cybersecurity threats.

HackNotice Teams uses real online behavior and hacker threats to drive improvement in employee cybersecurity habits and build a culture of security throughout your entire organization.

How It Works

HackNotice Data Leak Lifecycle

Provide Measurable Improvement To Your Security Program

HackNotice Teams analytics visualize employee risk and help you focus budget and resources on the teams and individuals that need help the most.

The World’s First Company-Wide Threat Intelligence Platform

Empowers your employees to practice strong cybersecurity habits every day with real-time data collected, analyzed, and visualized from their online behavior.

Having a culture of security means being able to provide measurable improvement to your program.

“HackNotice Teams gives clients the opportunity to be proactive by providing feedback about strengths and weaknesses within their cybersecurity programs, including which areas require more attention and the types of changes to work culture that can enable a more secure environment.”

— Romaine Marshall, Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Business Litigation Lawyer