HackNotice Risk Explorer

Use visuals to analyze the cyber threats aimed at your digital data

With over 100 different ways to review, analyze, filter, and visualize the threats against your company, security teams can shine a powerful light on an often-overlooked part of the business: the effectiveness of security awareness and security habits in their company.

Use Risk Explorer to visualize, analyze, and filter your risk to understand which events impact you the most. See relationships between your digital identity and exposures, and see your exposed information in easy to understand ways.

Cybersecurity risk is often a complex topic, with interconnections and relationships that aren’t readily apparent.

Risk Explorer makes cybersecurity understandable for everyone, not just security professionals.

How It Works

HackNotice Data Leak Lifecycle

Key features of HackNotice Risk Explorer include:

  • Personal Risk Explorer: gives users the ability to intuitively visualize their risk, understanding which events impact them the most, relationships between their digital identities and exposures, and see their exposed information in easy to understand ways

  • Teams Risk Explorer: with HackNotice Teams, the Risk Explorer makes it easy to visualize risk company-wide, per department, and review the inherent risk that employees have in ways that any stakeholder can understand

“With more work and life happening online these days, people’s attack surfaces are naturally getting bigger and the consequences of a breach or account takeover are becoming more dire. Every day, hackers are breaking into commonly-used websites, stealing, and sharing massive quantities of credentials and identities with the goal of breaking into accounts, breaching data, and holding people for ransom. Through HackNotice Risk Explorer, we’re giving everyday users the ability to read risks like a security expert.”  

– Steve Thomas, HackNotice CEO