HackNotice For Retail & eCommerce

Retail has the privilege of being one of the largest employers in the world, but also the responsibility to secure a massive workforce. eCommerce, especially during challenging times, is often considered a new type of critical infrastructure. Whenever there is a large workforce, there is an equally large number of attack vectors against that workforce. As people are the most commonly exploited route into a business, security teams face a challenge of finding and mitigating human vulnerabilities before they can be used.

Interested In HackNotice For Retail & eCommerce Industries?

Manage An Ever-Changing Workforce With Ease

By reviewing entire populations, you can find which individuals are most vulnerable and secure those accounts before they are taken over.

Build Strong Security Habits Early

Build security awareness and good security hygiene within the workforce by informing workers about their risks and what hackers know about them early and often.

Prevent Account Exploitation And Fraud

Hackers are constantly looking for new businesses to abuse as ways to exploit accounts and stolen credit cards. By learning about new threats, retail & eCommerce businesses can safeguard against exploitation.