HackNotice Personal Services

HackNotice helps our users recover from hacks and identity leaks by notifying users of exposures and guiding them through the process of reducing their risk. We accomplish this through our detection and notice service, which has identified tens of thousands of hacks and billions of identity leaks from the past few years.

With HackNotice, our users are able to stay up to date on the data breaches and hacks that matter to them, keep track of how their digital identities are exposed, and take preventative action to remove risks, before they become a victim.


With HackNotice Personal, you gain access to a world class monitoring for hacks and leaks for free! You can protect your digital identity and guard against fraud before it happens by learning what hacks and leaks you have been a part of, and how you can recover from those events. Each event shows you details about the hack or leak, so you can protect your identity, online accounts, and financial future.

With HackNotice Personal you can:

  • See hacks and leaks that have exposed your information
  • See all hacks and leaks from the last year
  • Monitor up to 20 websites for hacks
  • Monitor up to 3 identities for leaks
  • and much more!

Our Goal

Our goal is to address the widespread problem of account takeovers. Hackers gain access to millions of user accounts each year, stealing data and disrupting lives. These accounts ultimately are used to commit financial fraud and identity theft, a multi-billion dollar industry that shows no sign of slowing down.

Plenty of services exist for businesses to reduce their corporate security risk, but consumers have largely been left without help. Consumer services have historically been focused on how to help people recover from identity theft, after it happens, but few, if any, efforts have been made to address account take overs, as a major cause of that theft. Businesses have been harnessing the power of threat intelligence for years to get ahead of the attacks coming their way, and we believe it’s time to bring that same advantage to the all people.