HackNotice For The Oil & Gas Industry

Energy and critical infrastructure companies know that a security incident can have disastrous consequences. Whether we are talking about downtime, outages, or reduction in output, any critical infrastructure outage can mean loss of life and impact national security. Hackers, hacktivists, terrorists, and state sponsored groups all attack critical infrastructure, making the security teams at those businesses frontline combatants in the cyberwar.

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Know What Ammo Hackers Are Going To Use Against You

Hackers gather intelligence before attacks, amassing credentials, identities, API keys, and other sensitive information. By giving security teams the information hackers plan on weaponizing, security teams can safeguard the company ahead of time.

Deep Investigations Of Persistent Threats

With access to a full index of dark data, security teams can investigate persistent threats in all shapes and sizes. Any indication of a threat, no matter how obscure, can be found and tracked back to its source.

Take Immediate Action To Prevent A Supply Chain Disruption

Despite best efforts, companies continue to be breached and critical infrastructure needs to keep running through the most challenging times. With real time alerts to new events, critical infrastructure companies gain precious days, hours, and minutes to respond to changing events.