HackNotice For Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies, often mission critical vendors in key supply chains, constantly have to safeguard their operations. A data breach, ransomware attack, or similar security incident can cause disruptions that have a ripple effect through the entire supply chain. In order to secure their position as a key vendor in the supply chain, manufacturers must provide reliable, on schedule services and peace of mind. Not only can hackers profit from disrupting the supply chain, but they can use common vendors in the chain to exploit and take over trusted suppliers.

Interested In HackNotice For Manufacturing?

See The Supply Chain Attacks Before They Occur

By giving security teams the same intelligence that hackers are using and sharing, companies are able to prepare themselves for attacks before those attacks occur.

Actively Defend The Supply Chain To Provide Peace Of Mind

Through active defense, companies can protect themselves and identify security risks in the supply chain to provide peace of mind.

Stop The Supply Chain Domino Effect

Hackers use vendors and suppliers as a launching point to exploit trust and privilege in the supply chain. By reacting to data breaches in real time, you can secure the supply chain before hackers have a chance to exploit it.