HackNotice For The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are constantly on guard to protect patients, their records, and prevent data record violations. With the ever increasing complexity of healthcare and healthcare infrastructure, security teams have a large number of disparate systems to monitor and secure. Healthcare organizations have a multitude of populations within them, from staff, to independent contractors, patients, to network providers. As hackers target people and exploit their lack of security knowledge, healthcare organizations need to provide abundant security training for their personnel.

Interested In HackNotice For Healthcare Industries?

Learn About New Types Of Medical Fraud

By monitoring what information hackers are sharing about healthcare organizations and patients, security teams can better understand what new types of fraud they will face.

Identify The Highest Risk Targets

As hackers amass intelligence before an attack, healthcare organizations are able to identify the attack vectors and assets that will be most targeted and used for fraud.

Remediate The Human Vulnerability

By identifying which personnel have the most threat intelligence being shared about them, organizations can find where their human risk resides and put controls in place to prevent those vulnerabilities from being exploited.