HackNotice For Gaming & Leisure

As gaming and leisure companies transition to online spaces, so do the ways that hackers can exploit those companies. Whether it is intellectual property theft, ransomware, or account takeover and fraud, the new frontier of these industries are fraught with new risks. Security teams face a unique challenge of moving businesses into the 21st century while also securing these businesses from exploitation.


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Shutdown Accounts Before They Can Be Exploited

By finding what accounts are about to be exploited, safeguards can be increased to prevent such accounts from accessing the crown jewels of the business.

Protect End Users From Themselves

Most end users reuse passwords and engage in risky behavior, often with little or zero thought of security. By actively safeguarding end user accounts, security teams can protect end user populations from their own bad decisions.

Prevent Intellectual Property From Falling Into Insecure Hands

By reviewing vendors and suppliers for breaches, companies can ensure they are signing on with secure third parties and their valuable assets won’t end up on a torrent site.