Instantly Check Your Cybersecurity Risk

Do you know what your cybersecurity risk is? What about your threat landscape?

In our instant report, you can use your email address to uncover how your data may have been compromised. Explore your threat landscape, your cybersecurity risks, and discover recovery actions you should take.

Our goal is to make sure that you are informed about where your information is and how it can affect you so you can make better cybersecurity decisions.

  • Uncover which third parties and vendors have leaked your data
  • Discover everything threat actors know about your business and employees
  • Find all risk elements that hackers have about your business: names, addresses, IP addresses, API keys etc. If it represents risk, we can find it!
  • Shut down avenues of attack before they are used

Use Your eMail Address

We recommend that you run two separate instant check reports. One for your personal email address and one for your business email address. This will allow you to have a complete overview of your threat landscape. 

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