HackNotice Business Services

Discover everything that hackers know about your business and employees. Find out which 3rd parties and vendors have leaked data about you.

  • Learn about new breaches and leak risks in real time
  • Shut down avenues of attack before they are used
  • Use our API to easily integrate our intelligence into your system in minutes
  • Find any risk element in the hands of hackers: names, addresses, IP addresses, API keys, if it represents risk, we can find it!
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HackNotice clients enjoy high quality, easy to use threat intelligence. Whether you are looking to protect your business from outside attacks or prevent account takeovers for your end users, HackNotice has a service for you.

With instant access to hundreds of thousands of hacks and tens of billions of credential and identity leaks, you are able to easily enhance your threat intelligence program with HackNotice. With a robust infrastructure built by industry veterans, HackNotice provides services that you can rely upon.

Domain Monitoring

See What A Hacker Sees

Hackers have access to rich collections of stolen credentials and identities and use that intelligence to target specific companies, departments, and employees.  Attacks against businesses have increased in number and sophistication, with internal security teams often lacking a clear view of what hackers know about their company.  With domain monitoring, HackNotice monitors all of your company assets and alerts you to new threats in real time, empowering you to stop attacks before they occur.
Domain Monitoring
  • Get complete visibility into your risk landscape for all employees and assets
  • Track risks down to specific breaches, leaks, and records that hackers are sharing
  • Understand the context of the intelligence, including all the metadata surrounding your risk
  • Easily integrate the intelligence into your existing infrastructure

End User Protection

Identify Your High Risk Users

  • Instantly find your most at-risk end users
  • Preemptively use credential spraying endpoints to find and lock down vulnerable accounts
  • Build trust with your end users by warning them of their risks and making sure they know that you are taking steps to protect them
  • Be notified in real time as hackers find new targets for their attacks
Hackers take over end user accounts daily, often using automated credential spraying and phishing against hundreds to thousands of businesses at once.  With the prevalence of password reuse, your end users could have their account taken over through no fault of your own.  Account takeover causes customer churn, customer support overload, and loss of goodwill.  Using the same threat intelligence hackers are using to take over accounts, you can  identify the customers most likely to be targeted and protect those accounts ahead of time.

Third Party Risk

Know your vendor risk

Third parties are constantly being broken into and used to attack businesses, cause data breaches, and commit fraud.  Any time you provide data, privilege, or access to a vendor, you open your company up to a domino effect of data breach risk.  Understanding the breach history of your 3rd parties is critical to understanding your vendor risk and the level of access those vendors should have.  HackNotice provides the only single source for data breaches, enabling vendor risk management teams to assess and reduce their risk using objective data.
  • Get a full history of data breaches for each of your vendors, including what data was stolen
  • Review new potential vendors for risk before signing contracts
  • See the vendor’s level of threat intelligence exposure
  • Identify compliance and regulatory issues
  • Be notified in real time when a vendor has a new data breach, rather than reading it in the news months later
3rd Party Risk Hack Alert Timeline

Research Service

Instantly investigate the causes of attacks and fraud

The amount of information shared by hackers has increased exponentially, often with billions of new records being released at the same time.  Hackers routinely change forums, hosting, and sharing sites and behaviors.  In order to see the intelligence that a hacker sees, you need to constantly keep up with the latest trends and build relationships, visiting websites that are not safe for work and are often infected with malware and trackers.  With our Research service, you get a clean, enriched, constantly updated search engine sitting on top of tens of billions of complete records.
  • Search any risk element in real time, identifying the causes of fraud and the origins of attacks
  • Research sensitive internal project or business partnerships, through a log-free search engine
  • Instantly power any platform through our real time, RESTful API
  • See the exact files and locations of your risk, so you know how hackers are passing your information
HackNotice Research Service
Search Results From HackNotice Research Service.

Employee Protection

Digital identity protection as a benefit

Your employees are constantly worried about hackers taking over their personal and business accounts.  With breaches in the news daily, employees need assurance that their digital identities are safe and they aren’t being targeted.  Where a single social post can get an otherwise productive employee fired, protecting employees and teaching them about good security habits is a top company priority.  With HackNotice Premium, employees can find their own risk and go through a tailored checklist to protect themselves.
  • Provide a personalized security service to each employee, tailored to how they use the Internet
  • Employees can be alerted in real time to their risk, through their browser, mobile apps, or our easy to use website
  • Customized alerts and timelines make sure that only the websites that matter to those employees are shown, with details about what was stolen
  • Easy to understand threat intelligence, including detailed recovery steps, provides confidence and piece of mind
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