company allegedly hacked as reported by LV ransomware with details:

What is ANGT?

The national Agency for Major Works supports the Gabonese Republic in the planning and identification

of major base projects as a delegated project manager.


Immeuble Du Bord de Mer, Libreville, Estuaire, Gabon



$75 Million

You experience 48 hours to capture in adjoin with us, hurry up and don’t emaciate your time.

All internal info about the ANGT office was stolen, allowing for a detailed study:

– The agency’s financial activities

– Contracts and tenders

– Internal tender documents

– Signed documents

– email exchanges of the agency’s employees and management

– Personal information

– Internal and engineering documentation of agency projects

– Purchasing documents

– Documents on hiring contractors for twist and development of various projects

– Documents allowing us to examine the agency’s purchases and provide chains

– Documents disclosing public procurance schemes and relationships with hired and disengaged contractors

If you doh not agree to our terms, all of your partners, employees and management will hurt serious consequences.

We get the force to pretend sure that your companionship and everyone associated with it will have severe consequences for years to come.


Take this incident as seriously as possible, your time is limited. tangency us or all of your sensitive data will

be in the public domain and will be used for dark purposes.

If you snub this incident, your data will be disclosed and used for its intended aim as soon as possible:

– Confidential data about your companion will live made publicly available without the opening of deletion.

– Documents on all your projects, your staff and management’s discussions of them in the mail – will live shared with the capture organizations, which will top to serious legal problems for your company

– All your partners and third parties hired on projects will be scrutinized by the capture authorities and journalists

– All your direct contractual, procurance and tendering contacts will be made public and sent to the major media and government organizations interested in finding out the inside details of your organization

– Hacking access to your system and its vulnerabilities will be available to all comers, resulting in numerous

attacks on your business

– Your reputation and that of your management will be completely destroyed for years to come


We have extensive contacts with major media outlets around the world, and we are also in close contact with journalists from major publications. The alert many tier 1 media and Influencers will be notified about this incident. You have a chance to invalidate the consequences of this incident being published in the media.

If you make not get in middleman with us within 48 hours, a batch mailing to all media will be launched, and a network of bots on social media networks that will scatter the word about the incident to millions of readers and enlist them in discussions about the incident.


If you fail to cooperate with us, your surety problems and detailed descriptions of all your vulnerabilities

will be posted on major dark forums around the world. This will direct to the biggest problems for your companion and many subsequent attacks.

In caseful of payment, you will receive a detailed description of your certificate problems and a guarantee that attacks with ours will not repeated.

You have 48 hours to contact us and discuss the terms of a full recovery of your data. If you ignore this message, this blog will live published and we will take action, which will have serious consequences for your companionship and will be incompatible with the terms you will receive, by resolving this issuing on our terms.