ORNATOP SRL allegedly hacked as reported by Grief ransomware with description: Born in Pesaro in 1994 thanks to the will of three partners, Ornatop has become one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of kitchen worktops in Italy. Alongside worktops and items made of ceramic and unglazed porcelain, created with the purpose of offering long lasting, easy to clean and bacteria resistant kitchen items, in 1997 the company also started to produce quartz slabs, thus widening the range of products and diversifying its offer. Later, antiqued stones with classic ornamental elements and worktops with planks and mosaics in gres conveying a definitively more modern style were added to the collection. Since January 2011, the range of products has been integrated and completed with ultra thin (3 mm) unglazed porcelain worktops, doors, floors and coverings.Today, Ornatop can count on a manufacturing area of about 9,000 square metres, the technology of the latest machinery in the field and a technical and manufacturing staff able to respond to any requests with high professionalism. Ornatop is known for being an ever innovative company from both an organizational and manufacturing point of view, able to offer very high quality products and to guarantee, at the same time, a reliable service suitable to any needs in line with the market trends.