Company allegedly hacked as reported by Rook ransomware with details: Company Profile: Zhilstroysberbank Otbasy JSC ( renamed Zhilstroysberbank JSC until December 20, 2020 ) is a joint-stock company, a second-tier bank . Founded in 2003 .
The state participates 100% in the authorized capital of the bank. The main purpose of the Bank is to finance long-term housing construction on the basis of personal savings to finance loans to improve the living conditions of citizens who do not have sufficient funds to pay the down payment when obtaining a mortgage loan from tier two banks .
The authorized capital is 1.5 billion tenge. tenge. 20031.05 thousand depositors have been attracted since September 29, 2013.
The total contract amount for housing construction savings attracted by the Bank is 900 mln. about tenge.