Corbin Davenport reports on an unconfirmed (as yet?) hack: Visible is a “digital” carrier owned by Verizon, with a greater emphasis on fair pricing and shared plans. The company has gained popularity for its relatively low pricing for unlimited data plans, and earlier this year, Visible introduced 5G service and eSIM support. However, Visible subscribers are now experiencing something a lot less fun than saving money — many accounts are being hijacked, often to purchase phones for whoever obtained access. Social media sites, especially the Visible subreddit, are currently flooded with reports of Visible accounts being hijacked. In most cases, the email address associated with the account is reset by an unknown attacker, then the payment method on the account is used to order a phone. Read more on XDA. There is no statement on Visible’s web site as of the time of this posting. Their Twitter team issued the following tweet 9 hours ago: Members trying to reach us – we’re currently experiencing technical issues with our chat platform and are unable to make any changes to your account. We’re addressing this issue immediately. Please bear with us while our team rectifies the situation. -Visible — Visible Care (@visiblecare) October 13, 2021