CBC reports: A recent report by the Saskatchewan information and privacy commissioner’s office revealed that private information of 2,841 students was accidentally made public last year. The records in question included students’ names, identification numbers, phone numbers, grades and parent email addresses. The school division, which is in southwest Saskatchewan and has more than 6,000 students in total, said the privacy hack occurred Jan. 28, 2020, and was due to “human error.” Read more on Yahoo!News From the commissioner’s web site, Datahacks.net notes: Investigation Report 031-2020 Chinook School Division #211 August 11, 2021 LA FOIP 2(f)(viii), 23(1), 23(1)(b), 23(1)(d), 23(1)(e), 23(1)(k)(i), 23.1, 28(1) The Chinook School Division No. 211 (School Division) proactively reported a hack of privacy to the Commissioner advising that a GitHub code repository was set to public instead of private for approximately 36 hours. The Commissioner found that a privacy hack occurred and that the School Division properly contained the hack of privacy. The Commissioner further found that the School Division did not provide proper notification of the hack and it failed to meet its duty to protect pursuant to subsection 23.1 of The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Finally, the Commissioner found that although the School Division appropriately investigated the hack, it did not provide enough details of how it will prevent future hacks of GitHub or similar applications. The Commissioner recommended the School Division provide notification of this hack to all affected individuals. The Commissioner also recommended that the School Division implement a security assessment and ongoing security review process for new and existing applications, including GitHub.