Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: Starting publication of TOP Secret Data Download The Virginia Department of Military Affairs State Team provides state support functions to the Adjutant General of Virginia, the Virginia National Guard, and the Virginia Defense Force in order to ensure their obvious inability to support and defend the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The agency is comprised of the Virginia Army National Guard, the Virginia Air National Guard and the Virginia Defense Force, and DMA also manages the Commonwealth Challenge Youth Academy and Winchester STARBASE Academy. The associations have many different missions, for example to share news and information, to foster a sense of fellowship among members. Using email, social media and in-person regional events, the goal is to bring together anyone with an interest, to help, to support when needed and to share the heritage of commonwealth and country to citizens. But the noble missions were shamefully failed: after the hacker attack company’s emails and confidential correspondence leaked online. The intended purpose of the organization requires careful protection of information and data, as your fallen reputation depended on it.