ORPEA resisted a cyberattack
Published on 09/21/2020 at 10:56 am
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(AOF) – Orpea has revealed that it detected the intrusion of malware on some of its servers on the night of September 17. IT security teams took immediate action to secure systems, isolate affected servers (less than 1% of all servers) and temporarily shut down the entire network, preventing the software from spreading. This voluntary interruption caused disruptions to the IT systems but in no way affects the continuity of care and social life within the group’s establishments.

After the analysis of recognized cyber security experts and thanks to the responsiveness and proper functioning of the security systems, all the backups are intact and no data has been destroyed or transferred.

The group’s IT infrastructure, software and applications and all data are sound and have not suffered any damage.

IT teams and external cyber security experts are actively working to gradually relaunch all servers and applications.

The general management wanted this process to take place step by step with extreme vigilance and with all the necessary precautions. The proper functioning of both establishments and administrative services is ensured.

Orpea informed the competent authorities of this malicious act.