From a press release: On May 20, 2021, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine (SOM) and University of North Carolina Hospitals learned that an unauthorized person may have gained access to a single SOM faculty member’s email account. This SOM faculty member provides clinical services at UNC Hospitals. SOM and UNC Hospitals secured the impacted email account, began an investigation, and a cyber security firm was engaged to assist in the investigation. The investigation confirmed that the unauthorized access was isolated and limited to April 20, 2021. SOM and UNC Hospitals have no indication that any other SOM or UNC Hospitals user email accounts or patient information systems were involved or accessed. SOM and UNC Hospitals conducted a comprehensive review of the contents of the email account and have determined that messages or attachments may have contained some patient information, including patients’ names, dates of birth, diagnosis and treatment information related to care patients received from UNC Hospitals, and/or information about a research study patients may have been involved in or eligible for at UNC Hospitals/SOM. Health insurance information was identified for less than 30 patients and Social Security numbers for less than 10 individuals. Read more on BusinessWire.