Company allegedly hacked as reported by Conti ransomware with details: www.cegos.fr19 rue René Jacques
92798 Issy Les Moulineaux
01 55 00 95 95With its international culture and French origins, the Cegos Group is both a keen observer and a dedicated player in the world of work and business.
As a European and global leader in learning and development, Cegos has innovated for nearly a century in advising and supporting companies in their plans to transform and grow, advancing the personal and professional development of individuals worldwide.

As a boost to employability and collective performance, learning and development is today a key driver of competitiveness in the face of accelerated technological change and transformations underway in the working world.
With its teams, clients and partners, Cegos rises to these challenges by offering “much more than knowledge”.

Commitment, Agility, Sharing : three values at the heart of our business culture To help businesses and people develop and succeed, our teams work in line with three values.