The Comune di Cagliari issued a notice on their web site on June 27 that a computer virus had reduced the functionality of its services, requiring extraordinary maintenance intervention. According to the notice, the impairment was also impacting services through call centers. In a press release quoted by EveryEye, they wrote: “The services at the counter of the Municipality of Cagliari will have reduced functionality due to an extraordinary maintenance intervention on the Information System of the Authority, due to a computer virus. The suggestion for users is to go to the offices only in case of extreme necessity or urgency and, as far as possible, to use the online services available on the institutional website “ . By today, they were reporting that services were restored, but functionality would still be reduced tomorrow (June 29) due to the need to continue the extraordinary maintenance intervention. EveryEye also reported that the municipality sent a WhatsApp message to employees, to “not turn on at all” the PCs in the offices, which must remain off with the network cable disconnected to prevent further spread of the the CryptoLocker ransomware. As of the time of this publication, it is not known how much ransom may have been demanded. Reporting by Chum1ng0; editing by Dissent