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We are here to co-create and shape happier and healthier communities by offering excellent play and sport & fitness solutions for people of all ages and abilities. When we live active lives, we become happier and healthier and we perform better. Through play and exercise, we have fun, we learn and develop as individuals and as groups of people. The very cornerstone of happier and healthier communities across the world.

As more people live in cities with limited space and little time for physical activity, cities have a growing challenge. To motive people at all ages to be active, have fun, plan and learn we collaborate with designers and city developers to deliver fun and intelligent solutions.
We have formed a partnership with Gehl Institute and Architects to unfold the concept of Active Cities. Gehl Institute has supported major cities around the world in designing “people first cities”. Together with Gehl we will unfold the concept of Active Cities with attractive Social Infrastructure to politicians, customers and fund raisers. They hold the levers to initiate change for their citizens.

Every year 150 million people play or exercise on a KOMPAN play or sports solution. Toddlers, schoolchildren, adolescents and adults. They play, they sense, they explore, they are physically active together. They have fun which is the main driver for being physically active and while they have fun they learn and develop.

We know what motivates and develops people from infancy to adulthood at the different stages of physical and cognitive development. We believe we have the insight and ability to transform these ideas into fun and intelligent solutions.