Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: Sea Mar Community Health Centers is a community-based organization committed to providing health, human, housing, educational and cultural services to diverse communities, specializing in service to Latinos in Washington state. Your attempts at tolerance do not make up for other sins. You serve all persons without regard to race, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, or sexual orientation, and regardless of ability to pay for services. But you decided to forget without remorse about the quality of the provided services and the clients’ right to confidentiality. Customers do not come to you for services so that photos of their sick, crooked teeth are publicly available. Their beautiful, contended smiles are just a part of the interesting data leaked online. Personal letters (emails), photos and contacts of clients, photos of agreements – here is a worthy reason to smile for your customers, partners and competitors, because your accent on tolerance led to poor-quality services and and allowed hacking. Say “cheese” and smile with your beautiful teeth.