Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: “Our vision is to be an icon for technology growth and innovation”. Despite such a slogan, UPL Limited can’t provide security and confidentiality of its data. Being the fifth largest generic agrochemicals company in the world UPL Limited has failed to secure its data, including documents concerning employees and financial statements. UPL Limited is known to offer its services in 150 countries. But the company that prides itself on the latest innovations, digitalisation and extensive customer base failed to protect itself from data leaks. The information of everyone connected with this company is not protected and it can fall into the wrong hands at any times. The company can’t protect sensitive data against external threats. A technology company should protect the data better if it positions itself as one ot the best and most reliable. Due to an unreliable security system, the company documentation was compromised after the attack. This says a lot about the reliability of the company. The data that were obtained after the attack include accounting information, amendment documents, information on vendors, taxes, on the company’s agreements, assets, NDAs, income and credits, contracts. Futhermore there are client and employee documents which could not be concealed and it indicates that the company’s data are unprotected. UPL Limited can’t “change the game”, as its mission statement says, while the company is losing the information war.