Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: “Since 1972, PAC’s team has listened to clients’ challenges, taken the time to understand their brand and culture, and came back with a comprehensive plan. Whether it’s promotional products, e-stores, incentive programs or a combination of them all, we have one goal: make it a brand slam – one that stands out in a sea of branding and that your customers and employees can respect”. Performance Award Center Inc thinks of itself as a customer-focused, up-to-date and tolerant brand. But to be on the same wavelength with the times, you need not only to have a Facebook account and to know how to turn on a computer, you need to be responsible in business and in the management of affairs and documentation. The information leaked online contains a lot of interesting information – from financial reports and contracts to budget data, amendments and personal data of employees. It’s obvious now that you are an advanced, modern company.