Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: “As the leading provider of successful, proven services for manufacturing and distribution, Hollingsworth integrates the various solutions we offer to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and dependable support”. The Hollingsworth includes more than 3500 employees, located across 32 US locations. According to the company’s core values, they promise to be responsible to customers, business partners to behave ethically, honestly and genuinely. “There are no alternatives”. Neither charity nor loud promises on a website contribute to security if you don’t care about it from the beginning. Confidential contracts, agreements, financial information, personal correspondence and databases have leaked into the wrong hands and you call this taking care of the family of your employees? Or is it providing security to your business partners? You won’t have a chance to justify yourself and restore your reputation. It is already burning in hell and you will soon be able to join it.