Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: Gamesa Corporation Tecnologica can’t be proud of using the latest technologies and providing security and confidentiality of documents. The company has failed to secure their data, including documents related to customers and partners. Siemens Gamesa is known to offer its services in 75 countries. But the company boasting with the latest innovations, digitalisation and extensive customer base, failed to prevent the attacks. Customers’ and partners’ information is not protected and it can fall into the wrong hands at any time. The company can’t protect sensitive data from external threats. A tech company should protect the data better if responsible for developing projects for the public good. Due to the incompetence of the employees, the documents of their colleagues, their clients and partners were compromised after the attack. This can easily deflate the reputation of Siemens Gamesa. Data that was obtained after the attack contain information about company’s agreements with foreign partners, claims, tax payments, funds and assets, NDAs, income and credits, contracts, accounting and financial transactions. The leak of company’s data also revealed information about expenses and projects. Futhermore there are client and employee data which could not be concealed and it means that the company is unreliable. Company should think about its safety first and only then chase technical developments.