Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: Axis Communication is committed to protecting its customers’ and partners’ online privacy. But the company, which deals with network cameras and video surveillance systems, does not really want to monitor the security of personal data. According to the promises on its website, security is very important to Axis and it applies not only to their products, but also to their solutions. Before registering for an Axis online account, they ask that customers explicitly consent to the collection of Axis and use of clients’ information allegedly in accordance with the privacy notice. If they need to expand the scope of their use of customers’ personal data, they will supposedly notify clients and ask for permission again. But if this were true, would the financial and analytical data of the company and its customers get to the third parties? You directly say on your website that all personal data are stored by you. But do you handle with such responsibility? According to the privacy section of the website, you should receive burning letters with complaints from disappointed customers by your email address So get ready to clean up the mess of emails.