Company allegedly hacked as reported by Conti ransomware with details: www.aandamechanical.comA&A MECHANICAL, LLC

3601 Paris Rd, Chalmette LA 70075
Phone: (504) 271-2227
FAX: (504) 271-2228A&A Mechanical, LLC – New Orleans area: Our “A Team” Has years of Mechanical Contracting, Plumbing, HVAC experience in hospitals, hotels, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, airports, educational, power stations, refineries, restaurants, retail outlets and “health care” facilities.” “Louisiana Mechanical Contractor”, “Master Plumbing Boards throughout Southeast Louisiana” specializing in “Cooling Towers”, “Chilled Water”, “Backflow Prevent”, Boilers, Valves, “Underground Plumbing”, “Commercial Plumbing”, BIM, CAD, “Critical Shutdowns”, fully insured and licensed.