Company allegedly hacked as reported by Conti ransomware with details: ANGELES 310-222-5830 ACCOUNTING 310-787-7195 1540 WEST 190TH STREET, TORRANCE, CA 90501
310-222-5810 ADMINISTRATION 310-787-7150
310-222-5850 BUSINESS PLANNING 310-787-9996
310-222-5820 HUMAN RESOURCES 310-787-7151
310-222-5860 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 310-787-7505Nissin Group is a 100% owned subsidiary of Nissin Corporation of Tokyo Japan. Nissin established operations in the United States beginning in 1973, and we have since grown to services most of the major cities of North America. Nissin’s traditional business in air and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage and warehousing have provided us with a solid background to enter the increasingly dynamic global transportation markets, with services such as third party logistics and supply chain management. Since the mid-1990s Nissin Group has undertaken a long-term commitment to utilizing the latest technologies in data and communications to provide our customers with the most current information about their products. We have learned that in the growing global economy, information about a product can be as valuable as the product itself. Our well established network of offices and agents worldwide, supplement our electronic capabilities by allowing us to provide cost effective and seamless door to door services. Additionally, any of our individual services can be customized or combined with external services to meet your specific requirements. For more detailed information please see our services pages or contact your local Nissin representative.