Company allegedly hacked as reported by REvil ransomware with details: Hello!We are happy to offer you an update on customer care for the best price available.
Top offer.
As you may know, all leading companies such as Apple, Samsung etc. do not always develop their software directly, but hire subcontracors for their software, and such companies may not always comply with local legislation (in such jurisdictions as Singapore, for example). Low rates of developers and money flow models may lead into turning these companies into not the best partners for cooperation. How about the following rates for Emirates Transport:Role No. of resource IC Rate ($)
Project Lead/Scrum Master (Geetha) 1 $15.40
Oracle EBS – Onsite (Ben) 1 $38.50
Oracle EBS – Offshore (Ben) 1 $14.00
Oracle EBS – offshore (simble) 1 $14.00
Mobile Developer (Cross Platform – Aravind) 1 $14.00
Mobile Developer (Cross Platform – Roshna) 1 $14.00
Integration Developer (Java- Syam/Arjun) 1 $14.00
Software Test Engineer (Swetha) 1 $14.00
UI, UX Designer 1 $19.69
And 18.14$ for a senior linux administrator?
Would you be interested in a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation?We will be hapy to share any detail on internal educational or legal processes. More information will be published in a 3-days course. We will aim to find the best job option for your employees by publishing contractors and your rates.
aspireapple.png aspireboa.png aspire_passport.png

Offer No. 2
Sol Oriens, LLC did not take all necessary action to protect personal data of their employees and software developments for partner companies. We hereby keep a right to forward all of the relevant documentation and data to military angencies of our choise, includig all personal data of employees.
solhiring.png solpayroll.png sol_wages.pngOffer No. 3
A Brasilian company for maritime logistics Wilson Sons happily shared with us all of the personal data on their employees (including security) and clients, as well as all data on transactions and deliveries during our audit. We will also be happly to share them with anyone interested, including any very freedom authorities.
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Offer No. 4
We are happy to have cooperated with a company called St. John Knits, which shared a huge crm-database of their cliens. We have already started digesting all of it. 3 days after publishing of this infoletter we will start getting in touch with list of the clients.
sjkclients.png sjkprices.pngOffer No. 5
If it wasn’t Tendriade, our corporate contracts list for France would not be so major.
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