Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: “Every year, hundreds of thousands of students – including a record 274,000 degree-credit students – choose The City University of New York for a multitude of reasons can be summed up as one: opportunity”. The opportunity of receiving higher education in a place not suited to creating something new, because your projects can always be stolen. The desire to be creative, to separate yourself from the herd, is laudable, but you have to implement it anywhere other than The City University of New York. Hundreds of thousands of students are not yet aware that confidential university information has leaked omline. Contact payments, budget reports, projects, contracts – your “hope of humanity” has just let out a death rattle and died in agony. One university, twenty-five colleges. One hacker attack and reputation downfall. Thanks for the unfortunate lesson, the next lecture will focus on infomation security.