Company allegedly hacked as reported by Conti ransomware with details: www.turla.itVia del Pavione 6/8, 25050 Paderno FC (BS) Italy

+39 030 685 7555 are looking for buyers for data of this company.

Turla was founded in 1967 in Brescia, 80 Km East of Milan, in Lombardy, Northern Italy. For over 50 years we have been designing and manufacturing complete aluminium extrusion systems, from the billet heater, throughout the press, to the ageing oven. Across the late 80’s and early 90’s Turla became the major supplier to Hydro Aluminium for handling systems (53 Turla systems). We have also cooperated on new solutions with other worldwide aluminum extrusion companies, such as Constellium, Grupa Kęty, SAPA, TALEX, and many others.