Company allegedly hacked as reported by Conti ransomware with details: www.telcal.com12 Via Cormano, Milano, Lombardy, 20161, Italy

Telephone: +39 039.999.581
Fax: +39 039.999.5828We are looking for buyers for data of this company.

Quality and efficiency as a guiding philosophy

With more than 25 years of experience in the production of spare parts for lifts and escalators , TELCAL is now recognized in Italy as a leader in its field.
It produces components and parts of its own design or on specific request from companies in the sector.

Large companies, known worldwide, entrust TELCAL with the production or availability of spare parts for their maintenance technicians , trusting in the competence and dynamism of its staff.
Every spare part exists, if it does not exist it is designed and built , materializing in a short time every customer need. TELCAL production is thus constantly growing, becoming a sure point of commercial reference for its customers.

” Quality and Service ” have been the guiding philosophy of TELCAL since its establishment and will also remain the constant principle for the future growth of the company.

The factory
More than 12,000 square meters of useful surface to be modern, rational and efficient. Versatility is first of all a boast and then a logical necessity.

Research and development
We use advanced technologies and great industry experience. (Electronic Components)

For example the surface hardening of the “V” grooves for the traction pulleys of the winches. A technological process that is not easy to solve, designed and built by Telcal technicians.

Respect of delivery times
The automatic warehouse, pride of our President, automatically manages more than 8,000 items. It is the answer to the urgency of our customers.